What to expect in this course

Course Overview

The course includes:-

  • Choosing, cleansing, dedicating and tuning crystals.
  • Information on different types of Crystal.
  • Using Crystals in the therapy room.
  • Using Crystals for yourself and your Client.
  • Grounding Crystals.
  • Creating a sacred space with Crystals.
  • Crystals on the Chakra points on the feet.
  • Using Crystal wands to reduce tender points.
  • Crystal massage of the feet.

What is included

  • A private, online course that will teach you everything you need to know about the foundations of using crystals and combining them with your own reflexology treatment.
  • Access to a full manual which you can download and print out.
  • You will get a link to where you can buy the crystals that Val uses herself.
  • A one to one Skype call with Val so that she can watch you working and answer any questions you may have.

Completion of the course and certification

The practical part of the course is intended to be watched and practiced with a client. You are required to complete 3 case studies and submit them. On receipt of satisfactory case studies you will then be sent your Certificate.

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